Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Credit Cards and Promotions (Part 1)

Promotion at

Banks issued credit cards to customers when...
  • the customer applies for the card and
  • the bank decides that the customer is eligible to get the card
When the card is handed over to the customer, beside the physical card, the bank also gives the customer a certain credit limit. When credit limit is given to the customer, the bank will ensure that the customer was able to get credit according to the limit (there are resources allocated to enable this). However, as it is a credit line, the customer has the freedom to use it as is needed or even not using it at all. Then, to induce usage, the bank offers various programs to the customer, including those with partnership with others (as in the example above - from Lazada Indonesia).

As the competition to get customer's wallet share is getting tighter, banks are trying to expand their wallet share by luring the customer through a series of programs / deals.
  • The Best Deals
Customer is getting smarter in choosing the best deal for themselves. As banks pursue better deals, the marketing cost is skyrocketing, cost ratio is getting higher and there are growing concerns that the cost may eat up the revenue. The road to "offer the best deal" is rough.

As the hype is getting higher, customer is often blinded by one or two tagline offered to them and overlooks the whole proposition. Banks are offering various services to the customer, not only that one deal. Often what makes it a good deal is because of the combination between the deal and the other services like 0% installment, reward point, mileage, etc.
  • The Impulse Deals
Deals are a two-way arrangement, sometimes it's the bank who approach the partner to set up deals to be offered to the customers, some other times it's the other way around. In the case the second one happens, when the partner approaches the bank, it is possible that other competitors are already onboard. Then, the bank tends to jump in as well.

Promotion at for Pre-Order Galaxy S8/S8+

As more of this deal happens, the whole campaign becomes more like a sporadic campaign. Although from customer relevancy point of view, the program is relevant to the customer, however the program may not relevant to positioning of the bank in the targetted segment. In the case this happens, this can also be considered as costly for the bank, but beneficial to the customer.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Popular Faces in Indonesia Advertising (2015)

An Indonesian-based research firm, AdsTensity (PT Sigi Kaca Pariwara) shared their study about Free To Air TV Advertising. In Q1 2015, RCTI and SCTV were estimated to get the biggest chunk of gross revenue out of thirteen TV stations.

Some famous program in those TV Stations (Prime Time) are:
  • RCTI: "Tujuh Manusia Harimau" (TV Series), X Factor Indonesia (Reality Show)
  • SCTV: "Ganteng-Ganteng Serigala" (TV Series)
  • MNC TV: "Kontes Final KDI" (Reality Show)
  • ANTV: "Kejayaan Mahabharata" (TV Series)
 Ads spending by industry was dominated by Personal Care. The top four were:

IndustryProductEst. Spending
Personal CarePonds Acne Clear (Face Cleanser)
Dettol (Soap)
TOTAL Personal Care
IDR 192.8 Billion
IDR 121.7 Billion
IDR 2.6 Trillion
FCMGSampoerna Mild (Cigarette)
Frisian Flag (Milk)
Mie Sedaap (Instant Noodle)
IDR 223.8 Billion
IDR 187.6 Billion
IDR 157.8 Billion
IDR 1.1 Trillion
Automotive TOTAL AutomotiveIDR 0.4 Billion

Some popular faces are (not in order):
1. Jessica Mila

Fair and LovelyPersonal Care (Face Cream)Brand Ambassador
MarinaPersonal Care (Body Cream)Brand Ambassador (with Irish Bella)
FablePersonal Care (Body Mist)Brand Ambassador (with Al Ghazali)
OppoElectronics (Mobile Phone)Ads (with Kevin Julio)
CampinaFood and Beverages (Ice Cream)Ads
BerryBenkaRetail Store (Online Store)Ads
MatahariRetail Store (Department Store)Ads

  • Female, 23 years old, Single, 167 cm
  • Likes to dance
Recent News:
  • Selected as most attractive girl to date with
  • Graduated (very satisfactory) with a degree in Management from Bina Nusantara University (BINUS)
  • Starring in TV Series "Ganteng-Ganteng Serigala" (SCTV)
  • Starring in television movie: "Lukisan Merah", "Bangsal 7", "Bapakku Jago Karate","Gadis Taman Kota"
2. Eriska Rein

Fair and LovelyPersonal Care (Face Cream)Brand Ambassador
LactacydFood and Beverages (Supplement)Brand Ambassador
Indosat IM3Telecommunication Ads

  • Female, 20 years old, Single, 167 cm
  • Likes to dance
Recent News:
  • Starring in big screen movies: "Aku, Kau dan KUA", "Lagu untuk Tuhan"
  • Starring in tv series: "3 Semprul Mengejar Surga 3"
  • Starring in television Movie: "Cinta=setengahhati x otak pangkat 2", "Gangster in Love", "Ketemu Cinta Gara-Gara Sapi"
3. Al Ghazali

MitoElectronics (Mobile Phone)Ads
IndomieFood and Beverages (Instant Noodle)Ads
Indosat IM3Telecommunication Ads (with Chelsea Islan)
FablePersonal Care (Body Mist)Brand Ambassador (with Jessica Mila)

  • Male, 18 years old, Single, 175 cm
  • Likes to dance
  • Has a profession as a DJ and Singer
Recent News:
  • Selected as most popular male celebrity
  • Starred in big screen movies: "LDR", "Kampung Zombie"
  • Released a single "Cinta Datang dan Pergi" (with Nadira Adnan)
4. Chelsea Islan

GarnierPersonal Care (Body Cream)Brand Ambassador
TokopediaRetail (Online)Ads
Good DayFood and Beverages (Coffee)Ads
Indosat IM3TelecommunicationAds (with Al Ghazali)

  • Female, 19 years old, Single, 167 cm
  • interested in photography
Recent News:
  • Starred in TV Series "Tetangga Masa Gitu?" (NET TV)
  • Starred in Big Screen Movies: "Merry Riana", "Di Balik 98", "Guru Bangsa: Tjokroaminoto"
  • Interviewed by ABC News (Australia) for her role in "Di Balik 98"
5. Tatjana Saphira

Sony Xperia Z3Electronics (Mobile Phone)Ads 
WardahPersonal Care (Face Cream)Brand Ambassador

  • Female, 17 years old, 169 cm, Single
  • Likes to read books and write stories
Recent News:
  • Starred in a musical TV series, "STEREO"(NET TV)
  • Starred in big screen movies, "Rahasia Kasih"
  • Currently filming "Negeri Van Oranje"
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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Watches made in Indonesia

There are a lot of imported watches, some of them has their own store (Tag Heuer, GC, Nautica, Casio), some of them are sold through franchise stores (In Time, Watchzone, The Watch Co), and some of them are sold through local stores. None of them sell locally produced watches, but actually there are some locally made watches, some of them are:

1. L&K

2. Matoa

As shown above, both product has one thing in common, they use wood as components of the watches.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Local Electric Car (2014 Q2)

It was unexpected that a successful company like Tesla Motor decided to go open source and share its secret ingredients to everyone, including its competitors, but it happened(1). This is a milestone to electric car development around the globe, including in Indonesia.

A. Terms
National project for electric car is often referred as MOLINA. It is an acronym for MObil LIstrik NAsional (translation: National Electric Car).

B. Infrastructure
  • Regulation for electric car has not been released, but SNI (Indonesian National Standard) is targetted to be finished by this year(2)
  • Supply chain to produce electric car components is still unclear. CV. Sampurna Part Niaga is developing lightning component with brand name Autovision which is used in one of the electric car prototype(3).
  • Human Resource is developed along with research conducted by public schools and universities.
C. Prototype
#Hevina by LIPI
LIPI, a state owned company, developed two types of electric car: sedan/saloon and bus.

#Ezzy by ITS (Institute Teknologi Surabaya)
ITS, a public university, developed prototypes of electric car. The latest one is Ezzy II in the form of sedan/saloon.

PT. GRAIN, a private company, took an initiative to develop 8 prototypes of electric car. Four models are claimed to be ready for production. Those includes one multi-purpose-vehicle (MPV), one pick up, and two city cars.

Recent News
Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology expects electric car to enter limited production in 2017 to be used in government offices(5).

  1. Tesla Motors Offers Open Licenses to Its Patents
  2. SNI Mobil Listrik Ditargetkan Tuntas 2014
  3. Mobil Listrik Hevina Pakai Lampu Autovision
  4. Mobil Listrik Indonesia dalam Perspektif Perencanaan Produk
  5. Mobil Listrik Diproduksi Tahun 2017

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Popular Faces in Indonesia Advertising (2014)

Advertising spending in 2014 is estimated to reach IDR 140 millions (grow by 20% compared to last year) driven by two major events:
  • FIFA World Cup 2014
  • Indonesia Congress and Presidential Election
Offline media preferences by advertisers (as of Q1 2013) are:

It shows that television became even more dominant compared to 2011*

Popular Faces in Indonesia Advertising this 2014 are shifting from previously dominated by Musicians (like Agnes Monica, SMASH, Sherina) to Movie Stars. Who are they?

1. Sandra Dewi

Clear Personal Care (Shampoo)Brand Ambassador
PondsPersonal Care (Body Care)Brand Ambassador
ABC White CoffeeFood and Beverage (Coffee)Brand Ambassador with Tompi
Big ColaFood and Beverage (Beverage)Brand Ambassador
Fiesta Chicken NuggetFood and Beverage (Food)Ads
V FreshMedicineAds
Lady RoseHome and EquipmentAds
Korea Tourism OrganizationServices (Tourism)Brand Ambassador Services (eCommerce)Ads
Paramount SerpongPropertyBrand Ambassador

Recent News:
  • Starred in Indonesian Big Screen Movie and TV Series
  • Took a management role in land development companies: Paramount Serpong (as Head of Communications and Public Relations Division) and one in Tanjung Benoa (as Commissioner)
2. Raisa

SennheiserGadgetsBrand Ambassador
SunsilkPersonal Care (Shampoo)Brand Ambassador
NescafeFood and Beverage (Coffee)Brand Ambassador
MagnumFood and Beverage (Ice Cream)Ads

Recent News:
  • Hosting "Raisa di Radio" (radio) program for Oz Station that filled up 7-9 PM slot every Saturday
  • Released a new single "LDR"
3. Pevita Pearce

LenovoGadget (Mobile Phone)Brand Ambassador
LuxPersonal Care (Soap)Brand Ambassador
GarnierPersonal Care (Body Cream)Brand Ambassador
Luwak White CoffeeFood and Beverage (Coffee)Brand Ambassador
UniqloApparelAds with Rio Dewanto

Recent News:
  • Starred in Indonesian Big Screen Movies: "Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijk", "Aku Cinta Kamu"
  • Launched an accessory brand "Hippearce"
4. Raline Shah

PantenePersonal Care (Shampoo)Brand Ambassador with Anggun, Gita Gutawa
Buavita Food and Beverage (Juice)Brand Ambassador
Top CoffeeFood and Beverage (Coffee)Brand Ambassador

Recent News:
  • Starred in Indonesian Big Screen Movies: "99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa" and "Supernova"
  • Starred in a musical drama, "Timun Mas"
5. Julie Estelle

NiveaPersonal Care (Body Lotion)Brand Ambassador
VeetPersonal Care Brand Ambassador
MagnumFood and Beverage (Ice Cream)Ads
AlpenliebeFood and Beverage (Candy)Brand Ambassador

Recent News:
  • Starred in an Indonesian Big Screen Movie: "The Raid: Brandal"
  • Starred in Indonesian TV Series: "Aprilio dan Julie"

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What's in 2013?

Picture 1. Photo was taken in Lembongan Island, Bali, Indonesia

Twenty Thirteen just kicked off. Where will this year possibly sail the world to?

Mobile Device
The discontinuation of Symbian OS left a gap in the lower segment of mobile device market. Current popular OS like Android, iOS, and Windows Phone will try to enter this market, but newcomers will be more considerable since those OSs are identical to high hardware requirements. Usable browser and growing ecosystem are the key features in this segment. Firefox OS has a chance to fill the gap since it has already had an ecosystem. Samsung may try to push its Bada OS further, while Meego and Sailfish OS may still need more time.

Previous holder of most valuable company in the world has proven that:
  • A device can be smaller and thinner as technology evolves
  • OS can be integrated to various devices like music player, mobile phone, tablet PC, and (possibly) Television
This time, healthcare may get tighter integration to:
  • popular OS as a way to find medical experts, book an appointment, purchase prescription, insurance claim, etc.
  • social media which will challenge credibility of medical experts while it is also benefited customers to avoid malpractice.
  • popular hardware as an add-ons, e.g.: medical tools integrated with a cellular phone to enhance mobility and interaction with data center.
  • data analytics as eHR is growing and more detailed patient data is stored in the database. Data analytics will enable early stage of medical examination or cross-reference.

Risk management will go beyond financial industry. As global recession is still a popular topic in developed countries, especially in Europe, risk of business decision will always need to be assess thoroughly. A small mistake may have deeper consequences. It may not about market competition anymore. It may also be about credibility, credit rating, share price movement, supply chain, changes of government regulation, etc. Business should remain be challenged. That is the main role of risk management. Hence, this may the moment when risk management have a chance to rise or even become a stand-alone part in the company.

MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) has been shifted from individual to organization and from free to low cost. It has also proven to be able to provide job opportunity through direct endorsement from the courses' lecturers. The popularity of MOOC may drive individual to pursue what they want to learn and proof that they can also be good at it without attending university. Certification may grow further as people seek a proof of what they have built expertise on.

Music Industry
KPop is growing and it may break in to more markets, including possibly Indian market (Bollywood).

Thursday, November 8, 2012

KPop Analytics - Part 3

Picture 1. SM Town World Tour III in Jakarta

After the previous two studies (part 1, part 2) about KPop, this time another study will try to take on demographic side of KPop:

"Who are the people who are interested to KPop?"

Weighted average demographic data within the 3 samples presented below showed (weight is based on estimate viewer in the the countries studied):

1. Gender
  • KPop audiences consist of more females than males

2. Age
  • KPop audiences dominated by age 18 - 24 (especially in USA and France) and age 35 - 44 (especially in Japan)

Market is still potentially growing. In part 1 the interest over time was still had a possibility for trending up further and the study this time also delivered consistent result. As an example, in USA, audience of was also dominated by age 18 - 24 (similar to audience of, however the unique visitors reached 2.6 M (about 4 times more). USA is huge and up to this point, KPop gained interest especially in the area where KPop concerts were held (e.g.: SM Town concerts were held in just Los Angeles and New York). Outside Korea and Japan, KPop still has room to grow.

Since demographic data is not (widely) available in some countries, this time analysis will focus on three countries (developed countries which were ever visited by KPop concerts):
  • Japan (to represent Asia)
  • USA (to represent North America)
  • France (to represent Europe)
Tool (and data):
Google AdPlanner (viewed on 7 November 2012)
Analysis will be done by simulating ad placement in popular $GOOG partner in the three countries mentioned above. It is assumed that the popular news or forum site could represent the actual demographic.
Note: Demographic data is not available for every country, hence only limited countries can be analyzed as well

Step 1. Determine websites that will be used to measure the audience
Website as an indicator will be chosen based on Google rank in each country's local Google site (Source) using "K Pop music" translated in popular local language as the Search term. The result is as shown below:
CountrySourceSearch TermSelected Resultケイ ポップ 音楽 Pop Pop

Step 2. Analyze demographic data of the websites
Demographic data taken from AdPlanner is as shown below:

Age (year)JapanUSAFrance
0 - 170%0%0%
18 - 247%57%70%
25 - 3416%26%18%
35 - 4432%8%8%
45 - 5423%4%4%
55 - 6417%2%0%
65 or more6%2%0%

Additional Demographic Data is as shown below:
The Site's Unique Visitors1.3M650K90K
Internet Penetration Rate
in 2011(1)
Country's Population(2)127,817,277311,591,91765,436,552
Estimate viewer in the country1.6M830K117K
% Population1.3%0.27%0.18%

Other Sources:
  1. Internet Users
  2. Population

Monday, November 5, 2012

KPop Analytics - Part 2

Picture 1. SM Town World Tour III in Jakarta

Study from previous post found that there was a high possibility that KPop had impact to local music industry. This time a study will try to take on the following question:

"What possibly drove or driven by the growth of KPop popularity?"

In summary, KPop popularity is driven by:
  • Korean artists
    Some notable artists were:
    • Girls' Generation members: Seohyun (in Japan), Yoona (in Singapore), Jessica (Indonesia), Sooyoung (France)
    • Supernova (Japan)
    • 2PM (Indonesia)
    • Onew (France)
  • File/Media sharing services
    Some notable services were:
    • Dropbox and Soundcloud / youfeedme (various countries)
  • Social Networking services
    Some notable services were:
    • Gumtree (Singapore)
    • Airg (Philippines)
KPop popularity drove popularity of:
  • Other Korean artists
    Such as Supernova (Japan) and 2ne1 (Indonesia)
  • File/Media sharing services
    Such as Dropbox (globally) and $shared / 4shared (Indonesia)
  • Transport Information (Singapore and USA)
  • Korean-style products
    Such as blazer (Indonesia), samsung mobile phones and winged eyeliner (USA)
  • Payment solutions
    Such as OCBC Velocity (Singapore)
All the factors studied actually played both roles, however each of them was subjectively categorized into lagging (drove) or keeping up (driven by) factors based on its tendency against K Pop interest trend in the area.
Factors that drive popularity of KPop are certainly the product itself: KPop songs and Hallyu Stars who delivered the songs. Role to spread the news and the songs were done by social networking and file/media sharing services.
Factors that were driven by KPop, beside its less popular songs and artists, are the file/media sharing services that act as the bridge to spread the songs around the globe. People/fans who followed the artists will relatively care about their personality (including fashion style and stuff used) and have willingness to see them in person. This may the reason of trending Korean-style products, transport information, and in the end payment solution to cover all of the expenses.

Analysis will be based on search term which has similar trending interest pattern with K Pop (excluding search which include term K Pop). Higher correlation (r) terms is more favorable.
Previous post discovered top countries where interest about KPop emerged. One common thing that the countries had was that KPop concert was held in those countries. One of the notable concert was "SM Town Concert". Hence, this time two other countries which had experienced the concert will be added to the analysis: USA and France (China is excluded since Google/the tool used is not the main search engine in the area).
Selected search terms will be allocated subjectively into 3 categories: Keeping Up Terms, Lagging Terms, and Either. Keeping Up Terms are terms which are ahead of K Pop trends (keeping up), while Lagging Terms are terms which are behind K Pop trends (lagging). Either are terms which sometimes kept up, but in some other times those lagged as well.
Tool (and data provider): Google Correlate viewed on 4-5 October 2012.

Below are some findings in each region (selected terms only)
1. Japan (correlate with term: K Pop)
Keeping Up TermsLagging TermsEither
ヤフー 路線
(yahoo route)
超新星 ブログ
(supernova blog)
ドロップ ボックス
(drop box)

ガーミン コネクト
(garmin connect)

2. Singapore (correlate with term: K Pop)
Keeping Up TermsLagging TermsEither
android phone

bus timing
shuttle bus

ocbc velocity

3. Malaysia (correlate with term: K Pop)
Keeping Up TermsLagging TermsEither



samsung galaxy

4. Indonesia (correlate with term: Lagu Korea)
Keeping Up TermsLagging TermsEither
band korea
(korean band) 
boy band korea
(korean boy band) 
rambut korea
(korean hair)
girls generation
 jessica snsd
2 ne 1

blazer korea
(korean blazer)

5. Philippines (correlate with term: K Pop)
Keeping Up TermsLagging TermsEither

6. USA (correlate with term: K Pop)
Keeping Up TermsLagging TermsEither
winged eyeliner
samsung galaxy phones
download soundcloud

pace bus tracker

7. France (correlate with term: K Pop)
Keeping Up TermsLagging TermsEither

feed me
girl generation


Friday, November 2, 2012

KPop Analytics - Part 1

Picture 1. SM Town World Tour III in Jakarta

Korean Wave is the general term used to address growing popularity of Korean culture (mostly is about KPop) outside Korea (South Korea). A study was conducted to answer a simple question:

"Does Korean Wave have impact to the popularity of local music?"

In general, Korean Wave in the form of K Pop has impact to the popularity of local music. This is supported by the facts that:
  • There was search query of K Pop is increasing while it is decreasing for local songs.
  • It was started even before 2004 in Japan, but started to show growth on 2011.
  • Growing interest dominated particularly by South East Asia region.
  • Other than in Japan, K Pop hasn't surpassed the popularity of local music.
Decreasing interest over local music is possibly an early indicator of dropping market share of local music and increasing market share of imported music (especially from Korea, India, and USA). KPop shows growing interest in countries, especially where KPop concerts were ever be held. A lot of Korean artists are regularly active in Japan, hence it's common to see high interest growth in Japan.

Measurement was conducted through web-based approach using Google Trends (including the data)
Step 1. Analyzing popular search location for the following term: K Pop
Study found that Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Philippines came in the top 6.
Note: Since Korean Wave doesn't happen in its own country, so Korea was taken out from analysis.

Step 2. Analyzing search trends (limited by region) between K Pop (blue) and Local music (red) by comparing trend of interest of term "K Pop" (blue) and local music (red).

Japan Malaysia Singapore

Indonesia Philippines

Sunday, October 21, 2012

KPop in Indonesia

Picture 1. SM Town World Tour III in Jakarta

Korean wave hit Indonesia even harder this year. The Koreans seemed to aware of large fans-base in Indonesia and then more KPop artists visited Indonesia.

Ticket distribution which was previously dominated by direct ticket sales by the event organizer (or promotor). The event organizer would rent a space in a shopping mall or hotel to conduct a one day ticket sales. Currently multiple channels have been used to distribute tickets, as an example:
  • SM Town World Tour III: Pre sale ticket was done through multiple local fansites, then the tickets were redeemed during the one day ticket sale. Afterwards, the remaining tickets were sold through a web-based ticketing (
  • Wonder Girls Wonder World: Beside tiket sales through the one-day-ticket-sale, ticket was also distributed through a web-based ticketing ( and a local mini-mart chain (Indomaret)
Other facts about KPop in Indonesia:

List of Korean-related event in Indonesia in 2012 (5,6):

17MAR12B2STBeast Beautiful ShowMarygops Studios
28-29APR12Super JuniorSuper Show 4ShowMaxx Entertainment
16JUN12Junsu (JYJ)Xia Junsu 1st Asia TurJSK Enterprise
30JUN12MBLAQThe Blaq% TourDynamo Buzz, Gamma Live
22SEP12VASM Town World Tour IIIW Production
12-13OCT12Big BangBig Bang Alive TourBig Daddy Entertainment
31OCT124MinuteVolume Up PartyYS Media Entertainment
03NOV12Wonder GirlsWonder Girls Wonder World TourMarygops Studios
03NOV12Kim Jae Joong (JYJ)1st Fan MeetingSH Entertainment
04NOV12Lee Seung GiTonight with Lee Seung GiMunial Sport Group
24NOV122NE1New Evolution Global TourBig Daddy Entertainment
08DEC122PMWhat Time Is ItMarygops Studios

1. Most Popular KPop Girlband (4).
Data was retrieved from a pooling conducted on March 2010 in the most active forum in Indonesia. Voter is limited to members of the forum.

Girl Group Name
# Voter
Girls' Generation / SNSD
Miss A
After School
Wonder Girls

In 2010, Girls' Generation and KARA seems popular among Indonesians. However, the sample size is considered to be too small to make a conclusion.

2. Most Popular Girls' Generation / SNSD Members
Data was retrieved from a pooling conducted from time to time in the most active forum in Indonesia. Voter is limited to members of the forum.

November 2010 (1)
January 2011 (2)
June 2011 (3)

Hence, from time to time, it's consistent that Yoona is the most popular one followed by Taeyeon and Tiffany.

  1. Kaskus - [Vote] Member So Nyuh Shi Dae Favorit agan
  2. Kaskus - Vote snsd
  3. Kaskus - SNSD / Girls' Generation VOTE !!!
  4. Kaskus - most favorite kpop girls group

Sunday, October 14, 2012

CSR Activities in Indonesia

Picture 1. Walk for Sight 2012

Investment grade awarded to Indonesia gives impact to the nation. Companies from other countries are willing to keep their presence or investing in Indonesia. The investments come with the companies' culture carried from its originating country, including the culture to give back to local community which    is commonly referred to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Now local companies also actively conduct CSR programs.

CASE STUDY 1: Cataract Surgery
Standard Chartered Bank launched "Seeing is Believing" (1), a global CSR program to help people with eye problems since 2003. The program was introduced in Indonesia as well. Activities held were:
  • free cataract surgery (in cooperation with Perdami, a local ophthalmologist association, and Hellen Keller International)
  • training for blind people and fund rising (in cooperation with PERTUNI, a local blind association)
  • others (like giveaway free glasses)
Since 2011 Sido Muncul, a local pharmaceutical company, funded free cataract surgery (in cooperation with Perdami as well). Another local pharmaceutical company, Soho (3), did the similar CSR program starting this year (2012).

CASE STUDY 2: Hand Wash

Unilever sponsored World Handwashing Day 2012 in public elementary school 003 - 005, Jakarta this October (6). The event was a joint collaboration with Bank Tabungan Pembangunan Nasional (BTPN), a local bank. This event promoted a habit to wash hands with soap to the students which was align with market proposition of Lifebuoy soap. Lifebouy was consistently advertised as a soap that  cleaned and killed germs. This event strengthened value proposition and brand image of the product to customers. It was also covered by local newspaper like

In 2007, Indonesian government introduced law number 40 on limited liability companies. Chapter V of Article 74 of the law regulates social and environmental responsibility, where companies which perform its business activities in sectors of and/or related to natural resources are required to undertake social and environmental responsibilities (4). This enforce companies to develop and execute CSR strategies.

A study was conducted by Universitas Negeri Semarang to analyze the correlation between CSR disclosure and share price movement in BEI (Indonesia Stock Exchange) (5).

Picture 2. Impact of CSR to Share Price

From 4 different types of CSR, two of them (community and environment) were proven to give positive correlation with share price increase.

Indonesian consumers and shareholders have been more aware with social issues as
  • Number of companies initiated CSR activities is increasing
  • Local icons expressed their concern about social issues through social media
  • Companies actively published their CSR activities
Hence, to cope with the local competitors, CSR is important. Rather than viewed CSR activities as additional operational activities which required to be included in budget, CSR activities should be included in the DNA of the company.

Market drives the market price of company's share price. Hence, value of the company will be determined by demand from shareholders and potential shareholders (including consumers). The Hand Wash case above is one example of CSR activities implemented to the DNA of the company - integrated to marketing campaigns. The new formula of corporate value is:

wealth produced + value returned to the community

Hence, alignment between corporate strategy, image, and CSR activities is important. Furthermore, if the company is viewed to be more valuable as more value returned, not only to customers, but also to community and environment, its market value may be more resistant to drop because of external factors.

  1. Seeing is Believing
  3. Soho Group Pharma Gelar Bakti Sosial Untuk Penderita Katarak
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility by Limited Liability Companies - Indonesia
  5. Pengaruh Indeks Pengungkapan Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Terhadap Harga Saham Pada Perusahaan Perbankan yang Terdaftar di Bursa Efek Indonesia Tahun 2006-2008
  6. Murid SD gelar peringatan CUCI TANGAN sedunia

Friday, August 12, 2011

Popular Faces on Indonesia TV Spots (2011)

STATISTICS of Advertising in Indonesia (1, 2)

Estimated total spending in advertising showed double digit increase from 2006 until 2010, even during GFC (began in 2007 and had more impact in 2008). In first quarter of this year (2011), it booked IDR 15.6 trillions (USD 1.8 billions) or rose 20% compared to the same quarter last year (IDR 13 trillions or USD 1.5 billions).

Picture 1. Advertising Spending

Tri Susanti Simangunsong, Senior Manager of Media Client Services at Nielsen Indonesia, mentioned that as Indonesia is reaching GDP up to $3,000 per capita, middle class is emerging and motorcycle and car ownership will grow aggressively. Top categories in advertising spending were:
1. Telecommunication
2. Motorcycles
3. Hair Care
4. Political Campaign
5. Cigarettes
Note: Nielsen advertising data showed that the two categories high spending were mainly to drive consumersʼ awareness and purchase intention. 

Advertising spending in media showed growth in broadsheet newspaper and television by 20% and 21% respectively. In value, spending for advertising in television (TV) was still dominant with 62% compared to broadsheet Newspapers (35%) and Magazine (3%).

Picture 2. Media for Advertising

ADVERTISING in Television

As companies advertised more in television (TV Spot), some companies didn't use Public Figure in their TV spots. However, some Public Figure remains popular as the choice of advertisers. Here are some popular faces in TV Spots:

1. Julie Estelle

Name: Julie Estelle Gasnier
Age: 22 years
Profession: Model, Actress

Sunsilk Co-CreationPersonal Care (Shampoo)Brand Ambassador
Telkomsel BlackBerryTelecommunication (Mobile Internet Package)Model in TV Spot
Sharp PapillonElectronics (Refrigerator)Model in TV Spot

Recent News:
  • In a relationship with Ello (an Indonesian Singer whose latest album released on July 2011)
  • Starred in a movie: "Aku atau Dia" and a television drama: "Kasih dan Cinta" (RCTI)
2. Irfan Bachdim

Name: Irfan Haarys Bachdim
Age: 23 years
Profession: Soccer Player, Model, Artist

Pocari SweatFood and Beverage (Isotonic Water)Brand Ambassador
ClearPersonal Care (Shampoo)Brand Ambassador with Sherina
Suzuki Hayate 125Automotive (Motorcycle)Brand Ambassador

Recent News:
  • Got married with Jennifer Kurniawan, a German-Chinese Model
  • Chosen to take a part in Indonesia's U-23 Soccer Team
  • Starred in an upcoming movie by Hanung Bramantyo: "Tendangan dari Langit"
    3. Agnes Monica

    Name: Agnes Monica
    Age: 25 years
    Profession: Model, Actress, Artist

    Personal Care (Moisturizer)
    Brand Ambassador
    Food and Beverage (Isotonic water)
    Model in TV Spot
    Food and Beverage (Candy)
    Model in TV Spot
    KFCFood and Beverage (Restaurant chain)Model in TV Spot
    CSL - BlueberryElectronics (Mobile phone)Model in TV Spot
    MitoElectronics (Mobile phone)Model in TV Spot
    Fresh CarePersonal Care (Deodorant)Model in TV Spot

    Recent News:
    • Released a greatest hits album: "Agnes Is My Name" with additional new singles: "Karena Ku Sanggup" and "Paralyzed"
    • Won 7 nominations in "JPopAsia Music Award"
    • Won "Best Pop Female Singer" in "Anugerah Musik Indonesia" (AMI) for her song "Karena Ku Sanggup"
    • Won "Favorite Female Single" in "Indonesia Kids Choice Awards" (IKCA)
    • Rumored in progress to collaborate with Timbaland, and American Rapper
    4. SMASH

    Morgan Oey
    21 years
    Rangga Dewamoela
    23 years
    Rafael Landry Tanubrata
    24 years
    Dicky Muhammad Prasetya
    18 years
    Muhammad Reza Anugrah
    17 years
    Muhammad Ilham Fauzi
    16 years
    Bisma Karisma20 yearsVocalist

    Profession: Artist (Boy Band)

    Kartu As
    Telecommunication (SIM card)
    Brand Ambassador
    Teh RioFood and Beverage (Tea)
    Model in TV Spot 
    Sosis So NiceFood and Beverage (Sausage)Model in TV Spot

    Recent News:
    • Released 2 singles: "Senyum Semangat" and "Aku Cinta Kau dan Dia"
    • Starred in a television drama: "Cinta Cenat Cenut" (Trans TV)
    • Nominated in "Dahsyatnya Awards 2011" in "Aksi Panggung Terdahsyat" (translation: "Best Stage Performance")
    • Four of them who are university students had to take a break from their study due to their busy schedule 
    • Rumored to copy Korean Songs, but they denied the rumor
    5. Dian Sastro

    Name: Dian Paramitha Sastrowardoyo
    Age: 29 years
    Profession: Model, Actress

    Personal Care
    Brand Ambassador
    Health Care (Food Supplement)
    Brand Ambassador with Sherina
    Electronics (Refrigerator)
    Model in TV Spot

    Recent News:
    • Gave birth to her first son from her first and only husband, Indraguna Sutowo (a businessman). Her son's name is Syailendra Sutowo.
    • Become a model in a TV Spot for Samsung's refrigerator although she was pregnant.
    6. Nidji

    Giring Ganesha
    28 years
    Muhammad Ramadista Akbar
    27 years
    Muhammad Andro Regantoro
    27 years
    Andi Ariel Harsya
    27 years
    Muhammad Adri Prakarsa
    28 years
    Randy Danistha
    27 years

    Profession: Artist (Boy Band)

    Honda Absolute Revo
    Automotive (Motorcycle)
    Brand Ambassador
    Djarum Coklat
    Food and Beverage (Cigarette)
    Brand Ambassador
    Food and Beverage (Candy)Model in TV Spot

    Recent News:
    • Released an MV: "Jangan Takut" (directed by Rizal Mantovani)
    • Prepared a new album that will contain songs both in Indonesia and English. It was planned to be launched in Indonesia (by Musica Studios) and Australia (by Sex Pistol).
    • Scheduled to have a concert in Hong Kong
    7. Sherina Munaf

    Name: Sinna Sherina Munaf
    Age: 21 years
    Profession: Artist, Actress, Model

    Personal Care (Skin Care)
    Brand Ambassador
    Personal Care (Shampoo)
    Brand Ambassador wih Irfan Bachdim
    Nature-EHealth Care (Food Supplement)Brand Ambassador with Dian Sastro
    Nokia X6Electronics (Mobile phone)Model in TV Spot

    Recent News:
    • Released an MV: "Cinta Pertama dan Terakhir"
    • Took part in a charity concert: "Artistes 31 Love Beyond Boders" in Victoria Park, Hong Kong (invited by Jackie Chan)
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